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Injection molding is a method of creating product from a plastic mold. They can be complex or simple. However, for the process to begin on a desired date, both the manufacturer and client must agree on a price and a time frame. It is important to have all information available prior to the start of any project. Here are some factors that can influence the success of your plastic belt buckle project.

Cost constraints.

Your final product design will determine the cost of your product plan. These are just a few of the many factors that can impact the cost of your next project.

Beautiful construction. The design should be prepared in both digital and paper formats. After that, a prototype should be created. You will likely be charged less if you provide the design in advance than if you let the buckle maker or plastic manufacturer create the prototype.

Raw materials. You may choose to release your product at a lower price if you’re keen to get it on the market. If your product requires more durability, you can choose Polyetheretherketone or liquid crystal polymer LCP (or a resin with complex properties). Let Buckle Miami know the quality requirements for your product.

Color and surface texture. Glossy and texturally superior products will cost you more than low-quality ones. You may prefer that your product has more colors so budget accordingly.

Product Component.

Although choosing the right raw material for your product will affect its cost, it is only one of many things you need to consider. You should not only consider strength and durability but also how to preserve your brand’s reputation by preventing product recalls due cracks or damage.

Make sure your product passes all tests before it goes on the market. Don’t worry. All these steps will be handled by your plastic injection molding company.

The extent of the Manufacturing System.

A larger production run will result in higher costs. You can save money by having a larger production. This is because you can eliminate the initial cost for raw materials. Talk to your manufacturer before the manufacturing process begins. Let them know what size you prefer for a production run.

Production Pace

Your production costs will be affected by time constraints. Are you able to get your product completed as quickly as possible? Are you able to get your product done in a few weeks, or several months?