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All you need to know about Hardware buyback

Hardware buyback is when an organization has old IT equipment, and it goes to search for a company that offers a complete IT equipment buyback solution. A solution that aids your company inadequately managing its IT assets, from initial appraisal, auditing, and site survey to decommissioning and safe on-site data erasure and destruction, all while backed up by an experienced logistical team. Frequently, obsolete IT equipment gets in the way. It consumes precious storage space while the residual value gradually depreciates. Then there’s the possibility of data leakage if the equipment falls into the wrong hands. Solicit a no-obligation appraisal, and if you’ve accepted, the company will take the used IT equipment from your office.

Advantage of hardware buyback

Assist Your Business Return unused assets for cash or credit that can be utilized to purchase new equipment. By properly disposing of and recycling outdated equipment, you can help the environment. Valuable equipment will be reconditioned and resold. We responsibly dispose of or recycle equipment that has little or no economic value as the need arises. You Can Help Yourself Remove unwanted equipment from your storage locations to reduce your workload.

Companies that might be attractive to hardware buyback

Innovative IT solutions

While we often associate innovation with new technology, solutions can also take new sorts of services that enhance old methods of doing things, address previously unmet demands, or fill market gaps. More often than not, innovation solutions employ technology to support and dispatch new services, resulting in the best solutions being a mix of technology and services. Innovation solutions can also be specific to the innovation industry, which is tasked with collaborating with businesses to foster an innovation culture and assist in developing meaningful ideas. In this situation, the phrase might refer to a broad set of techniques to encourage corporations to innovate. Internal innovation solutions can range from consultancy services to software automation, allowing teams to progress, scout, uncover, and accelerate new ideas.

Hardware buyback process

Managed account. Initial inquiries will be handled by one of our knowledgeable account managers, who will examine your needs. A complete asset list will be required, including model/part numbers and serial numbers from your internal systems, if accessible. They can also provide an on-site audit, site survey, and documented Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) service.

Valuation. Your IT hardware assets will be appraised based on the type of product, condition, and current global market trends. They will also talk about data deletion obligations at this point. Identifying whether you will undertake your data deletion and destruction or you prefer them to do so.

Proposition. A formal purchase proposal will be prepared, which will cover any of our other essential services, such as decommissioning, data erasure, on-site and off-site hard drive shredding, as well as secure packaging and delivery.

Acknowledgment. A purchase order will be raised for billing once our proposal is accepted. Alternatively, they can issue a credit to your account that can be applied to any IT services or products.