Choosing colours for your walls

Are you planning to paint the walls in a room in your house, but are you worrying about choosing a colour. Do not worry, because we have some tips and tricks when it comes to choosing colours to paint your walls in.   


Dark or light

When you are going to choose in which colours you want to paint the walls, you have to think about the light. Dark colours can make a room seem a lot smaller, so you should only use dark colours if the room is either very light because of windows or very spacious.


Warm or cold colours

Warm colours do not have this name without a reason, it is called warm because it will make you think about things as the sun. Warm colours are red, orange or yellow. Cold colours make you think of peaceful things. Cold colours are green, blue or purple.


Vivid or neutral

It depends of your taste if you want to use a lot of vivid colours or if you would rather keep it neutral. This also highly depends on the decoration of the room. If there are many pieces of furniture and accessories in the room, maybe you should keep it a little more neutral on the walls so it won’t become to much. If your room is a bit empty or clean, than you could spice it up with a vivid colour that stands out.

Finally, when you have chosen a colour for the room, you are going to paint it. If you want to do it yourself, it is highly recommended to use an indoor paint sprayer. This makes the job a lot easier than struggling with paint brushes. A very good paint sprayer is the wagner paint sprayer, because it is ideal to use for painting single walls, ceilings and other small projects.