Digital natives starten neue Marketing Agentur

Nakoa Digital is an agency that is all about results. We have experienced the cases above in our previous companies. Having a good relationship is crucial, but generating profitable results is better. Nakoa Digital only hired true experts in the field of digital marketing. We are using the latest technologies in order to be cost-effective and yield the highest revenue possible.

We care about companies we work with. We’re thinking out of the box and looking beyond our scope of activities. If you have a great campaign set up, but revenue is not coming we will look further for reasons. We will analyze your data, website and user experience.

“This is how we’ve always used to do it” does not apply to us and when our clients say this, we will proof otherwise is possible. We care about results because this makes your company profitable.

Nakoa Digital can help you with analytics, tag manager, omnichannel transformation and many more topics in the digital field. With an international team in Munich, we can support multinationals or help you become a multination expanding into different countries.

Many companies, small or large, have problems with digital marketing. People are not aware that this is very important. Nearly 70% of the people searching for a product search online (on their mobile) first.

People inhouse are usually trained for offline marketing and do not have the skillset. Good thing is that there are agencies to support them. Bad thing is that these agencies sometimes have beautiful presentations and using buzzwords to convince companies to work with them. Sometimes “being nice” is all that takes for a company to choose a specific agency.

The results are usually poor, but sold as good because in the land of the blind the one eyed is king. No one understands or cares. The agency will try to sell more services and hours.