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Do you miss your favorite Dutch products? We got you!

The Dutch are creatures of habit and most of them have a product preference for everything. Their favorite toothpaste, favorite shampoo, favorite biscuits, favorite supermarket. Nobody knows why, but that is how it is. When you ask a Dutch person which toothpaste he or she uses, 9 out of 10 times you will hear a brand and type. The sentence “oh, each time something different” is not applicable for many Dutch people. Are you currently abroad and do you secretly long for one of your favorite Dutch brands or products? Then we have good news for you! Read on quickly.

The Dutch Expat Shop

In case you did not get the memo. We would love to introduce you to the Dutch Expat Shop. This online supermarket replaces your old familiar Jumbo or Albert Heijn and you can find all imaginable Dutch and Belgian products here. A real godsend if you ask us. Whether you are craving a good piece of Gouda cheese, tasty Delifrance sandwiches, a peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles sandwich or you are desperate to brush your teeth again with your favorite Freedent toothpaste: you can find all these products at The Dutch Expat shop. You can even find home-brand jumbo biscuits there, what would you like more? 

Surprise your surroundings

Perhaps the best thing about the Dutch Expat Shop as an online Dutch supermarket is that you can surprise not only yourself but also everyone around you with your favorite Dutch products. Many of your international friends will have no idea that stroopwafels or drop exist. Order for example stroopwafels, Dutch cheese, bokkepootjes, bitterballen and Dutch beer for a cosy evening completely in Dutch theme. The Dutch Expat Shop has more than 27000 different products from over more than 2000 brands in store, so go ahead and take a look around!