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Don’t Forget To Use The FIFA 21 Companion App

FIFA 21 has a mobile companion app. It is available to all players who own an Android or iOS smartphone. You can get the app for free but you will need a FIFA 21 account to access its functionality. The app is for those who play the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. You will also need a FIFA Ultimate Team Club account.

Although the app description doesn’t say anything about next-gen consoles, we are sure that those who play on these new consoles can use the app as well. FIFA 21 companion app allows you to manage your game when you are away from your PC or console.

Players can use the app to create the football club of their dreams. They don’t need to sit in front of the TV or computer monitor to access UT features. The app provides access to the new FIFA 21 features such as stadium customization and more. You can select from many different options to create a personalized stadium. Players are in charge of choosing the walkout music. You will also decide how your footballers commemorate goals with different goal celebrations.

Tifos are among the customization options too. You will also be able to select pyrotechnics. All these options will allow you to create a stadium just as you want and to celebrate according to your style. You can do all these from your companion app. FUT 21 adds new activities in the form of events. You have the choice of teaming up with other players or you can go against them.

No matter what you choose, you will get items for your club. These events involve the entire community. You will be asked to take aside. You can do this using the companion app. If you want to work with other players, you can choose community events and acquire XP as a team.

The app provides an easy way to get your rewards. You can get the items you’ve won in weekend league, squad battles, Ultimate Team events, and division rivals directly from your phone via the companion app. You can also get the FUT Champions points from the app. This way, you can be sure that you won’t miss your entry for the weekend league.

The app also allows you to access squad building challenges. You can get rid of players you don’t need to get new player item cards, items for your club, and packs. The app lets players access the transfer market, which is very important to transfer FIFA 21 coins and player cards.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)