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EASA LAPL examinations for drone pilots at this aeromedical center

Are you using drones for recreation or as a professional? In order to use drones in a safe manner, a medical examination is mandatory. At Sky Medical Center at Eindhoven Airport, they perform various medical exams for pilots, cabin crew and for drone pilots. This aeromedical center can issue a medical certificate right away after approval if there are no medical indications. If this is not the case, the physician will determine whether you can use drones safely. It is also possible to receive a medical certificate with a restriction. Discover how you can obtain a medical certificate as a drone pilot.

How does an EASA LAPL examination work?

Sky Medical Center is situated at Eindhoven Airport, which is an ideal location for pilots. When you arrive at this aeromedical center, they will scan your passport, medical certificate and license if you possess these. You will have to complete the application form to provide these experts with all the necessary medical details. After this, there will be a physical examination. Do you have a condition? If needed, the examiner will discuss with your Licensing Authority if the documents have identified your condition sufficiently and whether the flight safety is at risk. Are there no special medical circumstances? Then the examiner can issue your certificate after approval. The initial and renewal examination will take about one hour.

Contact this expert to undergo a medical examination

Would you like to know more about the medical examinations this aeromedical center offers? As soon as you have obtained an LAPL medical certificate, this will be valid for 60 months if you are not older than 40 years. If you are older than 40 years, it will be valid for 24 months. Do you wish to know more about the process of obtaining a medical certificate for drone pilots? Then contact this specialised center and the friendly employees will be happy to answer all your questions.