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Effective communication on board of a ship

Have you ever been on a (cruise) ship and wonder how the whole crew communicate with each other while being spread over such a huge floating surface? The answer is simple: through wireless communication. Often you will see them wear an AXIWI wireless headset or microfone, not only connected to a stereo system to communicate important messages or entertainment to the guest, but also to communicate with their colleagues.

You can imagine that with all the waves, the wind and other conditions that are unstable it is difficult to arrange things right at the moment it becomes necessary due to the circumstances. When you can always reach the crew it becomes a lot easier to take action instantly and put the measures in place that are needed for the current situation.

As a ship captain you for instance see bad weather or bigger waves coming (and hopefully no iceberg), so you can communicate this to the crew directly. If needed passangers can be escorted back to their cabins, will be advised not to use the pool and other possible actions can be taken.

So instead of yelling over the old ship like in the old times, where it will still be hard to hear what exactly is said by the other person, you get the information in your ear crystal clear and right away. This way everyone can safely enjoy your trip and it is also a lot easier to offer guests whatever they want and need on their big ocean adventure.