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Health insurance for migrant workers

Everyone residing in the Netherlands is obliged to take out Dutch health insurance. This also applies to foreigners who come to the Netherlands to (temporarily) work here. They will have to register with the municipality where they are going to live and then take out healthcare insurance. Of course, there are plenty of other things to arrange when you come to the Netherlands from abroad. That is why HollandZorg has set up a healthcare insurance for labour migrants. This makes it just that little bit easier to take out health insurance and everything around it. Both for you and your employer.

What makes HollandZorg different

At HollandZorg we have taken the specific situation of labour migrants into account at various levels. You can take out a low-cost healthcare insurance, possibly with supplementary insurance. If desired, your employer can do this for you. He or she can also apply for care allowance for you if you qualify for this. Employers have insight into the policy administration of their foreign employees. HollandZorg offers customer service in various languages. In the event that you return to your country of origin, your healthcare insurance can easily be terminated. And if you come back to the Netherlands, your healthcare insurance will just as easily be reactivated.

Care within the rest of Europe

With HollandZorg healthcare insurance for foreign nationals, you will be entitled to reimbursement of the care you receive in the Netherlands. Exactly which care will be reimbursed will depend on the package you choose. In addition, necessary care in the rest of Europe will also be reimbursed if you are staying temporarily in another country. How much will be reimbursed differs per country and you will not be able to go to every care provider. It is therefore best to contact us in the event that you need care abroad. We will be able to tell you which healthcare provider can help you further.