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How do I buy virtual reality glasses?

You’ve probably seen it in the media, the virtual reality glasses. There is a huge craze in the field of virtual reality. More and more companies are seeing the benefits of virtual reality. Companies like Pararius offer virtual housing tours for new potential buyers and theme parks offer virtual attractions for people who are disabled.

But how do you buy a virtual reality glasses? There are several domains where you can buy a VR glasses. is one of them for example. You can compare the glasses in different areas, and then order them directly from a webshop like

There are different vr glasses for sale. At the time of writing, buying an HTC VIVE is very popular, but the Playstation VR PS4 is also very popular. The eyeglasses look very similar in the first respect, but differ in function and quality.

The HTC VIVE is a VR glasses that you can use with your computer or laptop. You play the games on your PC, but because the glasses are connected to your computer, you can see and move through your glasses. The first time you play a game with a pair of glasses you do not know what you see. You can simply walk through a virtual world and interact with the characters in the game.

In the year 2018, virtual reality is still in its infancy to say so. Slightly new glasses are being developed and there are more and more companies that see the usefulness. Do you also want to be a pioneer in this area, immerse yourself in virtual reality and buy vr glasses at!