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How Many Calories Do You Burn While Fasting?

Without any doubt, fasting is good for your health and can help you in shedding some extra weight. People often assume that by just stopping eating food, you will lose weight quickly. This is only true to some extent as you have to adopt some smart strategies to lose weight quickly through fasting.

According to medical experts, the muscle mass of your body profoundly affects the number of calories being burned during a fast.

In the following post, you will get to know about the mechanism of the body during an intermittent fast and how the body burns calories during the fasting period. Furthermore, few effective strategies to enhance weight loss are also given.

Calories Burned While Fasting

It varies from person to person how much calories they consume in a day, and hence the number of calories burned while fasting is also dependent on numerous factors. For example, the rate of metabolic reactions, climatic conditions, and general body structure affects the burning of the fats.

The actual calories used by the body for energy production and the ones being consumed by an individual are also different. According to some studies, about 60 to 75% of calorie burning is affected by metabolic rate. Similarly, the heating impact of good also affects the rate at which calories are burned.

We have already established that muscle mass is a huge factor in the burning of calories. In other words, the more muscles you have, the more calories your body will burn. Even if you do not have any meaningful physical activity in your daily routine, the metabolism rate will remain high if you have a muscular body.

Researchers have estimated that a single pound of muscle is capable of burning up to 50 calories. It means that about 250 calories will be burned by five pounds of muscle mass during a fast.

How to increase Weight Loss During Fasting?

Lipolysis and hydrolysis are the two processes responsible for causing weight loss while fasting. These functions involve breaking and hydrolyzing fats and lipids. As a consequence, fatty acids are utilized to generate energy in the form of ATP.

The body uses ATP molecules to produce energy, and thus, the process of fats burning is sped up during fasting and exercise. A smart way of increasing weight loss while fasting is through gaining more muscles. It is quite difficult to gain muscles while fasting because of the restricted due. Therefore, you should plan it appropriately. A good way to do this is that spend a few months in exercising and gaining muscles before starting a fasting schedule.

Gym trainers and experts can aid you in building a muscular body through suitable supplements, exercise, and a balanced diet. Foods like eggs, salmon, beans, almonds, and many others should be an integral part of your diet. Eventually, you will gain muscle mass and will be able to reap more benefits from fasting, such as rapid weight loss.


As we have observed in the above description, there is no definite quantity of calories that is burned while fasting. It is majorly dependent on your body type and other such factors. If you wish to lose some weight quickly while fasting, you should start working out and gaining muscles to achieve your goal quickly and easily.