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How to create happiness

What is luck?

According to the dictionary, success or failure can happen by chance rather than through your own actions. It is defined as an invisible force that seems to work well or badly in a person’s life, such as shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities. Our fortune or setback seems to depend on the chance factor, also known as luck, as in the Chinese Horoscope.

What if we can manipulate the forces of nature and influence chance to our advantage? What if coincidence is a game that we can play based on the rules we make? Can we play the game of chance where the odds are good for us? Can happiness be created? Chinese metaphysics holds fast to the doctrine of fate and that man’s destiny is tied to the happiness of heaven, the happiness of the earth and the happiness of man.

In the context of Heaven we are born in this world, not by our own choice. This is because consciousness does not precede our existence. It only comes after that. That is why we do not have the choice of the hour, the day, the month and the year of our birth. Our date of birth is subject to the heavenly stars. The cosmic force exerts its energy on earth and sets in motion the chain of events that affect us, including the day of our conception. The planetary configuration creates the vital force that permeates us with the energy known as qi.

Mind and body

In the context of the earth, the energy that flows into the environment influences us through our living space. Our mind and body can tune into this energy or life force when we are sleeping, relaxing or working in our personal space. It rejuvenates and stimulates us. The energy finds its way to the nine sectors of a house. The main door, bedrooms and kitchen represent the three most important sectors for incoming energy. In terms of energy flow, the door is the Qi mouth and the most important of the three sectors.

In the human context, we have control over our actions. Our mind is a vital energy force that enables us to think and act rationally. This is what sets us apart from other living things on earth. Our consciousness plays an important role in our decision-making process and how we think determines how we act. Emotions and logic are an antithesis of each other. It is one of the Yin and Yang in life. In the end we harvest what we have sown. Life is about what we make it. We can be the power of good and evil.

Ultimately, the cycle of life and the wheel of fortune turns to the benefit of those we learn to master the art of the qi. Through this art we create our own happiness and we create our own destiny.

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