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Keeping App now availible in English

Work is becoming increasingly international in the world. And business software should be able to grow along with this. For this reason, Keeping has now also taken the last step for internationalization by now also offering the web application in English. Every user can now choose everywhere whether he or she wants to use the App or the software in English or in Dutch. 

The browser extensions, web application and now also the mobile apps are fully available in Dutch and English. We implemented this based on many submissions by email asking whether the Keeping time registration system could also be translated into English. 

You can easily adjust the language of the App or web application at the top right of the menu under Adjust language. Keeping’s browser extension and mobile apps have been supporting both English and Dutch for some time. These automatically take over the system language. This new setting is therefore intended for the web application and the mobile website, not the browser extensions or the mobile apps. They will continue to adopt the system language as before. Do you want the web application to do the same? Then select “Use the language of my operating system”.

You can now also send an invitation in both languages. If you want to add a new English-speaking colleague to the Keeping environment, this is now also possible. Then go to Invite team member and expand Advanced to then change the language of the invitation.

Temporarily other languages ​​should be used via Google Translate extension in the browser.