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Lovely fitness class in Schagen (try it)

Are you someone who likes to exercise and who lives in Schagen? But is the gym not for you? Then try this fitness class at Yogaschool Alyna. This sports lesson is especially for people who would like to exercise, but have not yet found the right sports lesson.

This fitness has different disciplines that you can work with. For example: Yoga, Fitness, Animal Movements, Dance and other fun movements. If you add all these sports forms together, you get: Yoga Fit Mix

Fitness in Schagen alternative

Yoga Fit Mix is ​​a dynamic class where you alternate between Yin and Yang in a natural way. This form is unique because no yoga form alternates these styles with each other. Fitness can sometimes be very static and definitely not fun, but with Yoga Fit Mix this is not the case. This alternative fitness class in Schagen is suitable for anyone who likes exercise.

Why Yoga Fit Mix?

Yoga Fit Mix is ​​a fitness class where you get started with movement in a responsible way. You will be guided in a professional manner and you will be encouraged to look for your limits, but not to go beyond them.

What are the advantages of this alternative fitness in Schagen class?

There are a number of advantages:

  • You get stronger
  • You become more flexible
  • You get better at focusing
  • You regain confidence in your body
  • You gain confidence in yourself again
  • You become more mindful and more relaxed
  • You rediscover the potential in yourself

These are some of the benefits of this fitness class. Do you want to give it a try? Then you can always request a free trial lesson. Just contact us and you will often receive an answer within one day. This way you can experience for yourself whether this Fitness in Schagen Alternative also suits you!