Play Like Pep with Manchester City in FIFA 19

They’re the group existing apart from everything else. He is the supervisor existing apart from everything else. Enthusiasm Guardiola’s Manchester City side are the present Premier League champions and many would state they’re the best group in Europe the way things are.

After his first season in England, there were a few questions about whether Guardiola would have the capacity to actualize the style of play that brought him such accomplishment in Spain and Germany in England.

In any case, last season saw everything click for the Spaniard and his a la mode Manchester City side, as they turned into the first since forever group to achieve 100 points in the Premier League and furthermore figured out how to win the Carabao Cup.

This season, Pep has hoped to take City to another dimension. A frightening prospect, would it say it isn’t?

Up until this point, so great. It hasn’t taken long for the victors to build up themselves at the highest point of the Premier League table again and any group that needs to supplant them there has an, extremely intense assignment staring them in the face.

City’s group is brimming with style. At the back there are magnificent protectors who are incredible on the ball, alongside full-backs who love to get forward. In midfield there are the absolute best specialized players in Europe and in advance there’s a touch of everything. Pace, expertise and an eye for an objective.

The perfect elements for the ideal FIFA 19 group at that point, correct? Right.

We’ve been playing a great deal of this years amusement and have discovered the ideal method to play simply like Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. You will need a lot of FIFA 19 coins for it though.

What is Pep Guardiola’s style of play?

Some would contend that Pep has changed cutting edge football since he got his shot in the board with Barcelona.

The Catalan monsters have dependably been related with appealing football, however the side he worked amid his time in control at the Camp Nou somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2012 knocked the socks off of football supporters around the globe.

There is no uncertainty that Pep needs a particular kind of footballer available to him for his groups to prosper, however once he has that, it’s, extremely troublesome for different sides to contend with them.

His style is about snappy, sharp football that eventually turns out to be unreasonably troublesome for the restriction to deal with

Get up and go urges his groups to begin assaults from the back. It’s about short passing and development to make alternatives for the player under lock and key.

The majority of Pep’s sides have had definitive assaulting players who are brisk and deadly before objective, behind them are some extraordinarily talented players to supply shots, behind them are some superb protectors who are alright with the ball at their feet and it’s the equivalent for the goalkeeper, as well.


The 4-3-3 false 9 development ought to dependably be your go-to Guardiola style framework on FIFA 19.

The more held job of the inside forward implies that you’ll have the capacity to over-burden the focal zones of the pitch, maybe the most critical piece of any Pep group.

Bodies in the focal point of the recreation center will see you rule the midfield and make it less demanding for the player under lock and key to discover a pass.

It will likewise observe your wide advances hope to get in behind the resistance protection and make unsafe keeps running inside as the middle forward drops profound.


When you’ve chosen your development, you’ll have to make a few changes under the strategies area.

Change your cautious style to ‘press after belonging misfortune’. This will see your group do all that they can to win the ball back when they lose it.

Guardiola once uncovered that a standout amongst the most imperative tenets he hopes to actualize on his groups is ‘the six second principle’, which sees him challenge his players to win the ball once more from the restriction inside only six seconds of losing it.

Changing to this style will likewise observe your group consequently drop again into their guarded shape in the event that they’re not ready to win the ball back promptly.

We additionally emphatically prescribe adjusting the width level to around 5/10 and pushing the profundity level up with the goal that it’s around 8/10. Energy’s groups play a high line however have the players to enable them to play that way.


The way to your assaulting strategies on the diversion will be to ensure that your hostile style is ownership based. Whatever else other than this and your group won’t perform like a Pep side at all.

It’s likewise vital to push up the hostile width to around a 9/10. The wide players are essential in Pep’s groups, regardless of whether they’re making sharp keeps running inside or getting chalk on their bots and remaining wide.

The variety in their play will dependably keep the restricting protectors speculating, particularly the full-backs. In case you’re feeling additional brave, educate a greater amount of your players to get into the container for assaults.

Player Instructions

Since the group recognize that central goal they’re accomplishing as a unit, you’ll have to train a portion of your players to make the correct developments separately. g

Another pivotal piece of any Pep side is the full-backs. He frequently teaches them to play in various courses dependent on the resistance, yet as a rule he prefers them to be a possibility for a go in the focal point of the recreation center.

Consequently, you’ll have to teach them to make ‘altered’ keeps running forward, particularly with your group’s hostile width on a high setting.

Rolling out this improvement will likewise enable your group to off the ball and improve the probability of you having the capacity to stop a restriction counter assault.


The job of the two No. 8’s in Pep’s framework is vital. For City this is generally Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva, who are actually the sorts of players you’ll have to fill these jobs in your Ultimate Team.

Educate them to ‘get forward’ with their assaulting runs. This is urgent, particularly when you’re playing a development with a false 9. You’ll require your wide advances and your assaulting midfield players to keep running past him at whatever point conceivable.

It’s likewise worth adjusting their position opportunity settings to ‘free meander’. Seen as they’re seemingly playing in the most essential jobs in the group, you’ll need these two players to be among your most gifted and it merits enabling them to ‘do their thing’ once in a while.

How frequently have we seen De Bruyne and Silva make that bit of enchantment all of a sudden for City?


We’ll utilize another guide to talk you through these directions; Raheem Sterling. He’s turned into the ideal cutting edge wide forward under Pep.

Regardless of which side he’s playing on, you’ll generally observe him putting the restriction’s resistance under strain by making keeps running inside, in the middle of the inside back and the full-back. Those runs get him the dominant part of his objectives for City and you’ll require that player in the container at whatever point you’re assaulting.

Teach your wide advances to ‘cut inside’ under ‘chance creation’ and select ‘get in behind’ under ‘bolster runs’, as well. You’ll additionally need to ensure these players know to get into the case for crsses.

By modifying these, your wide advances will make late keeps running into assaulting territories, which means will undoubtedly get into positions to score a shed heap of tap-ins with them.