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Shoplazza vs. Quickbooks: Which one should you pick?

Quickbooks is a fantastic bookkeeping tool. It aims to give small businesses an organized way of accounting and save them hours of their time. That gives them time to work on the most critical aspects of their business.

However, Quickbooks isn’t suitable for everyone! While it might be great for smaller agencies or freelancers, building an eCommerce business with it isn’t ideal!

So in this article, we’re going to compare Quickbooks with and tell you which one you should pick.


Strengths of Quickbooks

Let’s talk about where Quickbooks shines compared to the eCommerce platform, Shoplazza.

It’s a fantastic platform as it aims to make your business’s accounting more accessible than ever before. You will no longer have to type in all your expenses and earnings manually! With the right integrations, Quickbooks can do it all for you.

But that’s not all! In addition to accounting, it also has another ace up its sleeve, which is the ability to create aesthetically pleasing branded invoices! This can be extremely useful, especially if you’re in the B2B business.


Where Quickbooks Falls Short

However, as stated above, Quickbooks isn’t ideal for everybody. One of the biggest problems is that it isn’t made with eCommerce in mind.

While they might have a service called Quickbooks Commerce that lets you integrate with your Woocommerce, Amazon, and Shopify stores, there is a problem with it. And that’s the cost. You’ll have to pay at least $40 per month to keep this service.

And if you’re a new user, the price will be a whopping $100 per month. When you add in the cost of owning a website, it becomes pretty pricey for an eCommerce entrepreneur who’s just starting out.


Why Pick Shoplazza over Quickbooks

And that’s where Shoplazza comes in! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars every month to engage in eCommerce with Quickbooks, you can get your store up and running in no time with Shoplazza! You can choose from many beautiful templates and start selling right away.

You’ll also have access to multiple marketing tools to get your products out there. For example, with Shoplazza, you can advertise and sell your products through various sales channels. These include Facebook, Google, and TikTok.

Additionally, you’ll have built-in tools to start building your product category. Shoplazza is fully integrated with Aliexpress, giving you the ability to create a dropshipping store. In addition, you can also sell print-on-demand products with custom packaging.

And how much will you have to pay? Well, it all starts with a low price of $28 per month. With it, you’ll get access to all the features. The only difference between the different subscription plans is the transaction commission rate and the number of staff accounts you can have.



So, as you can see, Quickbooks is a fantastic tool. The only problem with it is that it’s pretty expensive to use for a starting eCommerce store, as you have to pay for both the platform and the Quickbooks Commerce integration.

And for that reason alone, we highly recommend you start your eCommerce journey with Shoplazza. With it, you get a wider variety of tools at your disposal for a fraction of the price.


(Contributed by Andreas Ojala & Hermes Fang)