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Trust a bioretention system for your rain water management

It is common knowledge that trees are the most important organisms to filter our oxygen. In densely populated cities, the greenery is even more substantial, as there is more carbon dioxide airborne than in less populated areas. Moreover, the soil of plants and trees are an essential way for (storm)water runoff. With mostly concrete surfaces and paved roads, green areas have become limited in cities, which could lead to flooding problems. It is rather important to discover and develop new ways of discharging waste water, without taking up extra space underground. If you would like to know more about a bioretention system that has positive effects on your landscape, make sure to contact one of the expert tree planting companies.

Building rain gardens to runoff water after extreme rain events

At Treebuilders, we have developed a unique bioretention system that uses the root soil volume for an effective rainwater management. In combination with local water reuse and temporary storage of water runoff, rainwater is integrated into the landscape and therefore causes less peak loads in the case of extreme rain events. By reusing stormwater, the natural water cycle is mimicked as closely as possible through the development of so-called rain gardens. This is a specifically designed garden bed to filter stormwater runoff. It does not only provide a solution for water inundation, but also a sustainable way to filter and clear our air, as more trees means more carbon dioxide is filtered.

The important tasks of tree planting companies

The underground bioretention system serves two tasks, namely subsurface water retention and infiltration. The development of the modular units called rain gardens provide a eco-friendly, low-capacity solution for crowded city areas. Treebuilders is one of the tree planting companies that develops urban, modern solutions to put the available space and possibilities to full capacity. If you would like to know more about their solutions for your company or city, make sure to contact these experts.

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