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Two types of sunglasses lenses

When choosing the material of the lens, you’ve got the choice of two materials: plastic and glass. Below you can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of these two types.

Plastic lenses

Most sunglasses have lenses that are made of plastic. Plastic glasses are light in weight and provide therefore more wearing comfort. It can also take a punch, which means that the lenses last a long time.

Glass lenses

Glass lenses remain good and scratch free for a long time. Another advantage is that glass lenses are much more affordable compared to plastic lenses. But glass is heavier than plastic and is also more fragile.

Specifications of the glasses

The main purpose of sunglasses is of course that they protect your eyes from UV radiation. In addition, thanks to the polarized glasses, sunglasses can also improve your vision with bright glare. More information about both specifications can be found below.

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UV protection

To prevent permanent damage to your eyes, it is very important that you protect your eyes from UV radiation. Good sunglasses give full protection, which is represented as UV400 or 100% UV protection. In principle, all sunglasses have these protection values, although it may be lower for somewhat cheaper sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses

Polarized glasses improve visibility when, for example, you are driving or cycling. When solar rays reflect on a flat surface such as a road, a window or water, there is often a glare that can blind you and obstruct your view. This reflection is absorbed by a special foil in the polarized glasses and the glare is stopped.