Underfloor heating getting more popular

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular in Scotland. More and more, underfloor heating is chosen as main heating solution because of the even heat distribution throughout the house. This type of heating works more efficiently than conventional heating with a central heating boiler installation. As a result, money can be saved you on the energy bill, and as there is less gas consumed thus it is more environmentally friendly as well. This article is written to give you all the necessary information to enable you to make an informed choice.

Underfloor Heating Edinburgh

You can choose for instance to have the floor electric (dry system) or with hot water (wet system). Underfloor heating warms your floor evenly by means of heat radiation. Because of the even distribution there are almost no temperature differences in the room. The temperature is very pleasant. The underfloor heating you can centrally controlled with a thermostat. An electric thermostat can be programmed in such a way that you can give your own preference in terms of temperature. It is also possible to completely replace the central heating, provided that the radiating surface of the floor heating is large enough. The heat dissipation depends on factors such as the temperature of the floor, the type of floor and the thickness of the floor. 

Underfloor heating and health

Some time ago there was doubt amongst number of heath scientists about the health benefits of underfloor heating. The reason was that higher temperatures could cause thick feet. This should not exceed 29° c and the bathroom temperature should not exceed the 33° c. A risk for users of underfloor heating can virtually be ruled out. Several doctors claim that underfloor heating actually than radiators, especially for people with an allergy to dust. In addition to that is the fact that we humans like to keep our head cooler than our feet. Underfloor heating is also better for the human perception of general comfort level. Because the high air circulation with radiators, the air has a lot of cold spots. In Scotland, Underfloor Heating Glasgow can you you more advise on this matter.

Underfloor heating in the summer

Many think that underfloor heating doesn’t benefit you in the summer. However, that is not true as you can also use the underfloor heating as cooling. By running cold water through the heating pipes the floor area will be nice and cool and so will be the rest of your home.  


Benefits of Underfloor Heating

  • Comfortable temperature by even heat distribution
  • Low energy consumption
  • Tax relief thruogh the Renewable Heat Initiative scheme
  • No radiators needed, if the floor heating is chosen as main heating
  • For a complete list, go to the page: benefits.


  • Pipes must be placed in the floor, a big time/labour costs 
  • If carpet is used a large portion of the heat will be restricted
  • Leaks can only be restored by breaking up the floor. 
  • It takes a while before the House is warm) 

Sustainable living

Underfloor heating and insulation are essential to the optimal functioning of the underfloor heating. Through the use of insulation you can return more from your underfloor heating. Also think of double glass, plastic frame, Dormer, cavity wall insulation, insulation prices and also: the cost of solar panels. Because of the endless ways of customization, the price is difficult to compare. Fact is that underfloor heating will use less energy that conventional systems, even without the use of renewable energy sources.