Why use underfloor heating ?


There are a lot of benefits when it comes to underfloor heating systems. Some of the major benefits of installing underfloor heating includes inproved comfort lovels, interior design freedom, sustainability and cost saving! 

Underfloor Heating Benefits


Underfloor heating gently warms the air in the house, eliminating cold spots. The warm air convects from the floor surface losing approximately 2 degrees centigrade over appriximately 2.0 meters above the floor. It makes the system ideal for all ceiling heights like commercial buildings and churches.

The most acceptable indoor climate is one in which the floor temperature ranges between 19-29°C and the air temperature at head level ranges between 20 and 24°C. With underfloor heating  this can be achieved without the usual cold spots associated with     radiator or convector heating systems. With conventional heating sytems, a vertical temperature gradient is produced and you will end up with cold feet level and a warm head.

Design freedom

Undefloorheating gives the architect and interior designer a whole lot more freedom in designing the layout of the house and this goes hand in hand with flexible interior design, espacially when is chosen for large open plan spaces.

The video below gives a good impression of designs where underfloor heating played a key role in the design of the house:

Sustainable and economical

Underfloor heating reduces energy consumption by operating with much low water temperatures. Every degree centigade down that a heating system can be set to will have a huge impact on the monthly energy bill. And this without the need of extra jumpers, extra socks etc.

In combination with renewable energy sources this will be even better. Here at Incognito Underfloor Heating Scotland we use various renewable energy sources, but mostly heatpumps. 

There are different types of heatpumps:

  • surface collectors

  • vertical probes

  • water source

  • air source

They all harnes the most abundant source of energy: the sun. Heat pumps extract solar energy which has been absorbed by the air, the ground, rivers and lakes.

You can read more about is on our site. The site also contains a lot of pictures about the installation and the end results of underfloor heating.