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WoW Classic – Deathknight Wing Naxxramas Tactics

WoW Classic players can finally play the original Naxxramas version. This final 40-player raid has been added thanks to the last content update. This means that we have all the original content. Naxxramas is not an easy raid. It’s the final one and we can say that it’s also the most challenging. It has five wings. We will now take a look at the encounters in the Deathknight wing. You can buy WoW Classic gold to beat it faster.

The Deathknight wing of Naxxramas contains three encounters. The fight against Instructor Razuvious requires four tanks and two or more priests. The most common opening strategy is to tank the boss with a mind-controlled add under the spell of a priest. The boss has heavy attacks so he must be tanked with an add.

Each add that is not on the boss must be tanked individually. Healers and ranged DPS can use the walls near the boss to protect themselves from the Disrupting Shout attack that burns mana. Once the boss is dead, clear the adds and enjoy your loot.

For the Gothik the Harvester encounter, the raid must split in two. Ranged DPS will be on the live side, while the melee will be on the dead other. On the live side, the add priority is riders, deathknights, and trainees. Players in the dead side must first kill the trainees, followed by the riders, deathknights, and horses.

Each mob killed on the live side will respawn on the dead side where the other part of the group must deal with it. It’s important to coordinate with the other part of the group. Once the add phase ends, the boss fight begins. He swaps sides until he reaches 40% HP. The group can then come together and kill the boss.

The four Horsemen is the last encounter. This fight requires eight tanks and 12 healers. The four bosses will be tanked in the four corners of the room. Players near the bosses get a stacking debuff. You shouldn’t have more than three stacks. When you have three stacks, go to the middle of the room until the stacks drop. The groups will rotate between the four bosses.

The healers rotate one by one as they get one stack. Watch out for each boss’s attack. Thane Korth’azz drops a Meteor that must be soaked by the players. Move out of Lady Blaumeux’s Void Zone. Sir Zeliek does a chain attack so players must stand five yards from each other. Highlord Mograine does a lot of damage to the tank so healers are ready.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)