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Your hunt for vintage clothing in a bulk

Brasco is a vintage wholesale for clothing suppliers and sells over three hundred vintage clothing types which are available in bulk. With a four thousand square meter storage they store a lot of vintage items, such as clothing, footwear, and accessories.

How they collect vintage clothing for a bulk

Brasco has several buyers across Europe and the United States of America. They are always on the hunt for (new) second-hand vintage clothing they combine in a bulk. Even if you have a special request on a certain item, this vintage wholesale company for clothing suppliers, sends their team of buyers out on a hunt to fulfil your request. Each type of item in their assortment is sold per plastic bag of 20 kg or in a bulk bag of 100 to 500 kg. On their website you will find the assortment they now currently have. Would you like to have a specific list? Download their catalogue. All the orders are shipped by truck, airplane, or boat. Depending on how quick you want to receive your order, you can choose from one of these three options. If you have questions about shipment, you can contact them. Their contact information can be found on their website. Resupply your own shop with the clothes form this vintage wholesale company especially for clothing suppliers.

Take a look at the assortment

Everyday Brasco enlarges their assortment with new vintage clothing in bulk. This is perfect if you are looking to restock your vintage shop. Take a look at their wide range assortment and place an order, so this vintage wholesale can prepare your order together with the orders for other clothing suppliers. If you have any questions or if you want to file a request. Contact them for more information. They are looking forward to helping you.