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Madden NFL 21: Next-gen Stats

The next-gen version of Madden NFL 21 should be available on December 4 along with next-gen FIFA 21. The developers have started to give us more details about what we can expect of this new version of the game. That version will likely include most of the updates and changes made to the current generation version. One of the first new announcements about this next-gen version of Madden is the introduction of Next Gen Stats and the new Player Movement system. Let us see what these new features are about.

The Next Gen Stats or NFL player tracking is a system, which uses sensors to capture players data in real-time. The Next Gen Stats gets information like location, speed and acceleration from the players present on the field. The sensors track the players via RFID that they carry on their shoulder pads. They are very sensitive and can follow every player through the field and record each of their moves. The objective of the system is to provide, for every player a complete data collection for every game.

Electronic Arts have signed a partnership with NFL Next Gen Stats to have access to the collected data for Madden NFL 21. By feeding the data in the animation engine of the game, the developers can obtain an unprecedented level of realism regarding players’ movement and animation. Everything from the movement patterns to the athletic performances can then be reproduced with accuracy in next-gen Madden 21, giving you the feeling of watching your favourite players come to life.

The player archetypes will benefit from this new feature, with an extended array of animations and new unique movements. The different body types will have a more impactful result on the game. The Next Gen Stats will also change route running for receivers in the game. Some specific receivers will use the routes their real-life counterparts took in actual games. Route running in next-gen Madden 21 will be more realistic and fluid compared to what the series has presented so far.

Next-Gen Stats will also affect other aspects of the gameplay, like defence, and play calling. It will also bring new features like powered replays. These replays will trigger under the specific condition and will allow you to experience beautiful cinematics as a reward for performing nice actions. Buy MUT 21 coins now and you can enjoy more in the game.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)