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Solids Solutions research and product development

Whether it is the development of medicines, foodstuffs, materials or pesticides, all products are made up of individual particles. The properties of these particles determine the functioning of a product. An incorrect size can already cause a product to malfunction. Solids Solutions deals with particle technology and conducts research into the properties of particles and powders. In this way we can identify where problems arise in the development of certain products. We are happy to share our knowledge in the field of particle technology with you, for example in the form of seminars and workshops.


Solutions for powder segregation

Powders form the basis for many products in various industries. Often a mixture of different powders, or components, is needed to develop a specific product. In some cases, however, problems arise when the components are mixed. A number of properties can cause the particles not to mix well, or not to remain mixed. This phenomenon is also called powder segregation. At Solids Solutions we analyse the particles and investigate the cause of the segregation. On the basis of this we can look for a solution, so that the product can be further developed and works in the desired manner.


Determining permeability with BET analysis

To determine the porosity of a solid, we at Solids Solutions use gas adsorption. Gas is adsorbed on the surface of the substance so that different properties of the substance can be determined. Think of the pore size distribution and the pore volume. The BET surface can also be determined by means of a BET analysis. To obtain an accurate result, we use different gas types and techniques, depending on the type of substance and the information to be obtained.