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Swedish coffee culture: celebrating roasting innovation and social coffee drinking

Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, might not be associated with their coffee culture by the mainstream. However, they rank among the world’s biggest consumers of coffee and they are home to some of the best and often coffee roasting culture.

The Scandinavians actually set out to pioneer many roasting techniques and technologies that are still at the basis of today’s roasting experience!


Walking through the aisles of your average supermarket in any Scandinavian country will reveal with an uncommonly extensive selection of coffee. Nordic coffee drinkers particularly love drip coffee, as well as milky drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos. In Sweden, for example, most people love “mellanrost” (medium roast) for a nutty, smooth flavor and “mjorkrost” (dark roast) for more punch and character. Many also purchase “blandatrost”, which is a combination of different coffee roasts for a more eclectic feel.


Many people love their morning coffee cups, but particularly in Sweden, drinking coffee is a very important social ritual. Every afternoon (anytime from 3 to 5 pm), Swedes love to have their “fika”.

Essentially, Swedish “fika” is a social occasion that could be compared to British high tea. Swedes love to enjoy their drip coffee with some baked goods such as scones or various pastries) or even better, a nice slice of cake (carrot cakes, pecan pies, and chocolate cakes are among the local favorites).

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Swedes would have “fika” at home, or even in coffee shops, which are often known as “fik”.

Stockholm is known as one of Sweden’s best hotspots for coffee. The stunning capital of the country is home to many exciting coffee shops, some of which have been around for decades, or even centuries. There is nothing that can warm you up on a cold winter day as a good cup of hot drip coffee and the sweet finish of a good slice of freshly baked cake!

A “fika” is a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family, or even to charge your batteries after a full day of work.

Curiously enough, Sweden is one of the few European countries where Starbucks, one of the world’s most popular coffee chains, really did not take off.

Sweden is home to a franchise named “Espresso House”, which is actually some sort of Scandinavian Starbucks. Locals highly prefer this franchise and it is so widespread in the country that Starbucks really experienced some troubles finding its spot in the local market!

Besides Stockholm and Gothenburg, most Swedish cities are actually rather small towns. This means that they are served by a handful of wholesome local coffee shops rather than big chains. There are many charming and old fashioned places across the country, including “Kalle Pa Spangen” in the small town of Vasteras, just a little ways from Stockholm, located in a stunning old building (a former stable) that dates back the 1910s!